How do you install the program?

There is no installation, the program runs as a standalone executable. Unzip the downloaded file sitetopo.zip (using a utility such as WinZip) and double-click on SiteTopo.exe to run it.

What files can the program read and write?

Survey point files in the form of PNEZD or PENZD or XYZ (either comma or space delimited). There are sample files included in the download.

DXF files containing “point” blocks and LandXML files can also be used to create a surface. All files must be in ASCII (plain text) format.

DXF and DWF files can be overlaid onto a surface as linework.

How do you overlay a cad file onto a surface?

Options->Overlay CAD File…

DXF files will be overlaid automatically.

For DWF files, you must choose two points in common to scale/rotate/translate the cad image. Double-click on the cad image, then enter the point number that corresponds with that location. You must do this for two points.

How do you adjust the contour interval?

Press 4 to get contours, then use the + and – keys to double/halve the contour interval. You can also use * to enter the interval directly, any decimal value such as 1.25 works as well.

Can you limit the contours to an area?

Yes, use Options->Limit Contours and the contouring area will be limited to a polygon, whose vertices you can drag around. Clicking on a vertex with Ctrl held down will create a new vertex, or drop an existing vertex onto its neighbor to delete a vertex.