Survey Point file:
      Must be plain text, PNEZD or PENZD or XYZ format.
   DXF file:
      Must be in ASCII format.
   XML file:
      LandXML format, first <Surface> and <CgPoints> will be loaded.

      Left button for view direction (hold it down), clicking near axis will move it.
      Right button to zoom (hold it down). Mouse Wheel to zoom in/out.
      Turn axis off for ‘freelook’ mode. Use arrow keys or ASDW keys to move.
      Space bar or zero moves upward, X moves downward.

   Double-click on two different points to create a breakline.
   Undo with the U key.

Press 4 to show contours, use + and – to adjust contour interval, Insert and Delete changes contour smoothing.
   Options->Limit Contours will constrain contours to a polygon area.
      To move a polygon vertex, click and drag it (with Ctrl key makes new vertex).

Cross Section:
   Hold down the Ctrl key, double-click at beginning and end of section.

CAD overlay:
DXF File (must be in ASCII format) will overlay automatically.
DWF File (must be in ASCII format) must be aligned with surface.
      Pan and zoom with the mouse buttons.
      Double-click a survey point, and do the same for a second point.

Edit point:
   Double-click point to select, press E to edit.

Wall point:
   Double-click point to select, double-click for direction to set a new point a short distance away.

   Save Points…
      Survey points are saved to a text file.
   Save as…
      Points, contours, breaklines, and surface are saved as a DXF or XML file.